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Asking questions will be possible on twitter, using the hashtag #howsafeisafg

Thursday Oct 4

All times are preliminary.
Central European Summer Time is used (UTC/GMT + 2h).

Panel discussion: Annika Hamrud
All other sessions: Waris Sabah

9-9.30           Registration, coffee with sandwich

9.30-10.55    Conference opened by Ola Mattsson, Director Country programs, 
                      Save the Children, Sweden  Facebook live
William Maley: Afghanistan: Political and Military Challenges                                      Facebook live   PPT pdf   Youtube 
Niamatullah Ibrahimi: Three reasons why deportations to Afghanistan must be stopped (via link)  Facebook live  

10.55-11.15  Break

11.15- 12.10 Anders Fänge: Safety aspects of traditions and semi-legal practice  Facebook live  Paper

                     Vera Meijering: Freedom from religion: The situation in Afghanistan for non-religious persons  Facebook live  

12.10-13.00  Lunch (vegetarian, served at the venue)

13.00-14.35  Abdul Ghafoor: Report from Kabul on the current security situation and recently arrived returnees (via link)  Facebook live   See Documenting Afghanistan

                     Liza Schuster: What happens post-deportation? The experience of deported Afghans  Facebook live   PPT pdf 

Therese Pettersson: Patterns of armed conflicts - a data perspective on the case of Afghanistan  Facebook live   PPT pdf   

14.35-15.00   Break.  Coffe and refreshments served

15.00-15.35  Hellen Kooijman: Different European countries’ assessment of the security in Afghanistan and consequent praxis regarding asylum and deportations. Special case – Netherlands  Facebook live   PPT pdf    Paper 
                     Olof Molund, Save the Children, Sweden: The return to Afghanistan of children and youth   Facebook live   PPT pdf     
                     Sanna Vestin, former president of FARR (The Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups): Comments on Sweden’s policy concerning asylum seekers from Afghanistan  Facebook live   What's the matter with Sweden? (text)                  

15.35-1.450  Short break

15.45-17.00  Panel discussion with William Maley, Anders Fänge, Vera Meijering, Liza Schuster, Therese Pettersson and Waris Sabah. Moderator: Annika Hamrud.  Facebook live 

                      Conference closed

Welcome to an Afghan evening with Afghan folk music! Please pay and register separately.

Friday Oct 5

A press meeting, with possibilities to interview William Maley, Liza Schuster and a few others, will take part at 9-11 hours, at Fryshuset, Mårtensdalsgatan 6. If possible, take contact beforehand.

A volunteer get-together will take part at 9-15 h, at Fryshuset, Mårtensdalsgatan 6. Please register at  the Facebook event.

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