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Number of deaths, Gov. of Afghanistan, 1989-2017. Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden.  

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The security situation in Afghanistan is quickly deteriorating. Since 2017, the Taliban have held more Afghan territory than at any time since the American invasion in 2001. Attacks against governmental forces, police and civilians are reported more or less daily. It is hard to estimate what will happen in connection with the elections on October 20.

Deportations of Afghan asylum seekers continues to be a serious issue in a number of European countries. The EU-Afghanistan agreement to facilitate returns (the Joint Way Forward), was signed in October 2016. So was a similar agreement between the Swedish and Afghan governments. 

In Sweden, the latest legal position on security in Afghanistan was taken in August 2017. No new assessment is announced, in spite of frequent reports of increasing violence and an escalating war situation. There is a need of updating the knowledge base.

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US preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan  TOLO News Aug 1, 2019

Midyear update on the protection of civilians in armed conflict: 1 January to 30 June 2019  UNAMA 30.7.2019

It's war on Afghan civilians, even as both sides talk peace  The New York Times July 9, 2019

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Organized violence, 1989-2018 and peace agreements  Pettersson T, Högbladh S, Öberg M. Journal of peace research June 2019

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Business community pleads for protection  ToloNews April 15, 2019

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Taliban announce "ban" on Red Cross, WHO in Afghanistan April 11, 2019

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For Afghan refugee women, there's no escape from violence  Foreign policy April 5, 2019

Taliban take control of district in Northeast Afghanistan following deadly clashes  Radio Free Europe March 30, 2019

Afghanistan: Ten million Afghans face severe hardship after extreme weather  Red Cross Red Crescent March 28, 2019

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction: High-Risk List  ICIS March 28, 2019

Taliban routs Afghan forces in Western Afghanistan district  FDD's Long War Journal March 17, 2019

Distant dreams - understanding the aspirations of Afghan returnees  Reliefweb March 12, 2019
Distant dreams website

Trump rolls back transparancy on civilian drone deaths  The Bureau of Investigative Journalism March 7, 2019

Why should noone be deported to Afghanistan?  Abdul Ghafoor March 7, 2019

Chilling reality: Afghanistan suffers worst floods in seven years  The Guardian, March 6, 2019

Kandahar Flash Flood (as of 2 March 2019)  Humanitarian response

36 hours with the Taliban    CNN Febr, 2019

Civilian deaths from Afghan conflict in 2018 at highest recorded levels - UN report  UNAMA Febr 22, 2019

Afghan fear Trump team is about to sell them out  CNN Febr 26, 2019

Our dreams of peace: Envisioning an end to war in Afghanistan  New York Times Jan 29, 2019

Kabul's tent dwellers struggle to survive  CNN Jan 29, 2019

World Report 2019: Afghanistan  Human Rights Watch
World Report 2019  Human Rights Watch 

ACLED 2018: The year in review    

Afghanistan: Rights on the precipice  Human Rights Watch Jan 17, 2019

Early US pullout to have adverse effects, warns report  Pahjwook Jan 21, 2019

'The Taliban made me fight' - what do we do with child recruits after they serve time?  The New York Times Jan 13, 2019

Poll ranks Afghanistan the the world's worst country for journalists  Afghanistan Times Jan 11, 2019

Afghan War Casualty Report: Jan 4-10   AVA Press Jan 12, 2019

Afghanistan's neighbours fear refugee crisis if U.S. pulls out  Reuters Jan 1, 2019

Report from an international conference on Afghanistan  SASNET Dec 19, 2018

Taliban threaten oil fields in northern Afghanistan  WION, Jan 4, 2019

C.I.A.'s Afghan forces leave a trail of abuse and anger  The Daily Telegraph Dec 31, 2018

Is it safe for Europe to force Afghan migrants to return home?  Christian Science Monitor Dec 31, 2018

Afghan War Casualty Report: Dec 21-27  The New York Times Dec 27, 2018

Human Rights for a Stronger Afghanistan  Amnesty International Dec 13, 2018

Afghanistan overtook Iraq as deadliest country for terrorism last year; deaths down globally  Stripes Dec 6, 2018

US Army Chief says death toll of Afghan security forces is unsustainable  The Guardian Dec 4, 2018

Returning to What? The challenges displaced Afghans face in securing durable solutions  Norwegian Refugee Council. NRC Nov 27, 2018

UN Special Rep: Afghanistan is one-step away from famine  Afghan Herald Nov 25, 2018

Afghanistan: Hazaras are not safe  W Maley, N Ibrahimi, Lowy Institute Nov 26, 2018

A new turn in Taliban's war: Hazarajat under siege  The Diplomat Nov 16, 2018

Ghani says nearly 29,000 Afghan troops killed since 2015  Gandhara Nov 17, 2018

Why are the Taliban attacking Hazaras in Afghanistan?  Gandhara Nov 16, 2018

Afghan military deaths since 2015: More than 28,000  The Daily Telegraph Nov 14, 2018

Afghan Taliban Seek Elusive Control of Hazara Regions  Ghandhara Nove 14, 2018

UN paints grim picture of Ghazni situation  ToloNews Nov 14, 2018

Afghan taliban wants what it hasn't been able to hold: Hazara regions  Radio Free Europe Nov 13, 2018

The US never dropped as many bombs in Afghanistan as it did in 2018  Forbes Nov 13, 2018

Interior ministry confirms spike in casualty toll this year  ToloNews Nov 12, 2018

US War On Terror Kils Nearly 147,000 in Afghanistan  ToloNews Nov 9, 2018

Afghan Shi'ite Militia Battles Talibans, Raising Sectarian Fears  Reuters Nov 3, 2018

Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, US inspector says  CNN Nov 1, 2018

Afghans - Europe's forgotten refugees  Paris Globalist Oct 20, 2018

Kandahar Assassinations Show Rising Taliban Strength in Afghanistan  Crisis group Oct 19, 2018

From Europe to Afghanistan. Experiences of Child Returnees  Save the Children Oct, 2018

Do the migration authorities in EU underestimate the insecurity in Afghanistan? Oct 14, 2018

Afghanistan Weekly Field Report 8-14 October 2018  OCHA

Quarterly report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict: 1 January to 30 September 2018  UNAMA Oct 10, 2018

Afghanistan: Protection of civilians in armed conflict. Special report  UNAMA Oct, 2018

Beheadings, roadside bombs and airstrikes: one day in Afghanistan  The Guardian Oct 7, 2018

Talibans threaten to carry out attacks against election targets  Khaama Press Oct 8, 2018

Afghan forces, Taliban battle for control of highway in Ghazni province  ChannelNewAsia  Oct 6, 2018

Privatizing war in Afghanistan endagers civilians Oct 2, 2018

Mapping Taliban control in Afghanistan  Defend democracy Sept 24, 2018

Afghan conflict could be deadlier than Syria in 2018: analysts  AFP Sept 14, 2018

Afghanistan: Anticipation of displacement Sept 18, 2018

Civilians are loosing the war in Afghanistan  Sept 14, 2018

Preliminary findings indicate airstrike killed 12 civilians in Maidan Warnak province  UNAMA Sept 25, 2018

The Death Toll for Afghan Forces is Secret. Here's why  The New Yorks time Sept 21, 2018

Under threat, Kabul's Hazara make call to arms  Ghandara Sept 20, 2018

Why Afghanistan is more dangerous than ever  BBC News Sept 14, 2018

How the US Government Misleads the Public on Afghanistan  The New York Times Sept 8, 2018

Afghanistan: A bad year in America's longest war  CNN Sept 7, 2018

Finnish immigration authorities suspend Afghan asylum decisions  Yle Sept 4, 2018 Finland puts a temporary stop for deportations to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Student massacre is a war crime  Amnesty International Aug 16, 2018

A day in the life of a Kabul emergency room  IrinNews  June 11, 2018

Definition of "armed conflict": At least 25 battle-related deaths within one calender year. Department of conflict research, Uppsala University.

The water scarcity and pollution is described in several articles:
The article in Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden's biggest newspaper, on Aug 29, 2018, points out that in addition to the question of violence, the situation in Afghanistan suffers from lack of water. Within three years, there will be too little water in Kabul for it's population, and within 10 years, Afghanistan will have too little water for it's population. The population is growing because of the re-migration from Pakistan and Iran. 
Blue Gold: The quest for household water in Kabul City, Afghanistan Analysts Network, Aug 30, 2018
Ground water contamination is pushing Kabul towards catastrophe Aug 29, 2018

Millions of Afghans face risks of drought related displacement  NRC Sept 9, 2018
He said he will take my baby from me as payment  UN Humanitarian, OCHRA July 30, 2018 

News, often in English, about security in Afghanistan can be found from the facebook site Afghanistanfakta (Facts about Afghanistan). 

List of links to media as well as articles are found at Nytt från Afghanistan (News from Afghanistan). Examples: 

UNHCR eligibility guidelines for assessing the international protection needs of asylum-seekers from Afghanistan UNHCR 30.8.2018      

The security situation in Afghanistan  PPT-presentation, UNHCR Sept 14, 2018

Why Hazaras are in danger in Afghanistan: Expert opinion  Refugee council of Australia, April 4, 2018

Professor William Maley view On the Return of Hazaras to Afghanistan  World Hazara Council, Dec 5, 2016

Documenting Afghanistan  

EU's secret ultimatum to Afghanistan: accept 80,000 deportees or lose aid  The Guardian Sept 28, 2016


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