Professor William Maley, Professor of Diplomacy at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy, Australia. Author of several books on Afghanistan, latest Transition in Afghanistan: Hope, Despair and the Limits of State building (London: Routledge 2018) 

Niamatullah  Ibrahimi
Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi, Australian National University, author of The Hazaras and the Afghan State: Rebellion, Exclusion and the Struggle for Recognition (London: Hurst & Co., 2017). (Via link.) 

Dr Liza Schuster. Reader in Sociology, City University of London. Researcher on the situation of deported and re-migrated to Afghanistan, recently returned from a long stay in the country. Author of a.o. Schuster, L. & Majidi, N. (2013). What happens post-deportation? The experience of deported Afghans.      

Mr Abdul Ghafoor, Founder and Director of Afghanistan Migrants Advice Support Org, Kabul. Kabulblogs. Interview, Oct 6, 2017.

Dr Anders Fänge, former Country Director of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Georg Soros Visiting Practitioner Chair, School of Public Policy at CEU. The author of numerous publications on Afghanistan, he received an honorary doctorate in 2012 from the Faculty of Political Science at Umeå University, Sweden. http://www.andersfange.se/

Ms Vera Meijering, Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University. She recently presented her research project "Freedom from religion: shaping non-religious identities. A case study exploring the experience of non-religious asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands." 

Dr Hellen Kooijman, the Netherlands, is one of the founders of the European network Don't send Afghans back! With a background in journalism, she has since the persistent refugee crisis in Europe focused on how the European Union is dealing with refugees, especially Afghans.  

Dr Therese Pettersson, Research Coordinator at Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP), Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University. Author of several articles on conflict data and trends in organized violence. In charge of conflict data for Afghanistan since 2009.

 Conference moderator: Mr Waris Sabah, researcher at the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University; Vice President of Stockholm Association of International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska föreningen Stockholm). His research focuses on the relationship between Afghanistan and it's neighbouring countries.

Ms Annika Hamrud, journalist, will moderate the panel discussion. annikahamrud.se 

Mr Ola Mattsson, Country Director of Save the Children Sweden, will inaugurate the conference. 

Short presentations will be made by:

FARR - Flyktinggruppernas riksråd (The Swedish Network of Refugees Support Groups). 

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